New Book Now Helping Thousands Of Americans Discover The Secrets To Improving Their Credit

In this new eye-opening interview with renowned credit expert John Ulzheimer... legendary host Larry King investigates a groundbreaking new book called Credit Secrets

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In this all new Larry King Special Report: "Is Your Credit In Crisis?"  discover the little-known Credit Secrets now helping thousands of Americans to improve their credit

  • Why most people are be paying thousands more in interest than they should
  • How to get rid of score-crushing inaccuracies on a credit report
  • The truth about credit scores, and how anyone can increase theirs

What's Inside...

  • Discover How To Clean Up A Credit File

    The secrets to quickly and easily removing incorrect, inaccurate, and erroneous info from a credit report. 20% of Americans have at least one error on their credit reports. These errors can dramatically affect scores and interest rates

  • Discover How To Improve Credit Scores

    Credit scores are so important nowadays whether we like it or not. The ability to buy the things we want and need, relies mostly on our credit score. Higher scores can save anyone tens of thousands of dollars in interest and fees over a lifetime. Credit Secrets reveals the little-known ways to improve credit scores

  • Discover How To Gain More Purchasing Power

    Having bad credit opens us up for all kinds of financial predators to try and prey on us.  But when you know the truth about lenders, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to keep from being taken advantage of. Credit Secrets shows the way.

Credit Secrets - "The Little Book That Can"

The Credit Secrets program has already helped thousands of people across the country, change their financial lives for the better.  For anyone struggling right now financially, this book provides the simple, step-by-step solution, to turn things around for the better.

Meet the Authors

Scott & Alison Hilton

Scott and Alison Hilton wrote Credit Secrets, with the hope of getting it in the hands of anyone who is going through financial troubles. The book outlines step-by-step how this California couple went from being on the verge of bankruptcy, to complete financial freedom. These Credit Secrets can be used by anyone to change their financial life for the better.

Credit Secrets Featured On Larry King Special Report

Scott & Alison were looking for ways to get the word out about Credit Secrets. They reached out to a number of experts, and wound up being referred to world-renowned broadcaster Larry King. After seeing how the book has helped thousands of Americans, King believed in the project so much, he agreed to become a paid endorser of the Credit Secrets program.